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The professionals of Grupo Summa are proud to claim that we have the most valuable capital a company can benefit from: our customers´ trust, built from a long trajectory of close treatment and customized to your business and service needs. From Grupo Summa, through our Incoming Department, we can organize the stay of people who visit Argentina, covering all their needs.

Thanks to our experience and extensive knowledge of Argentina, we work with travel agencies around the world, to which we serve regularly or privately, adapting us at all times to the demands and needs of customers during their stay in our country. From the itinerary proposals to the most minimum detail: accommodation, transfers, excursions, itineraries, tour guides, museum booking, gastronomy, shows, etc.

In Grupo Summa we do not actually sell simple accommodations, excursions, tickets for events, transfers or standard tours. Above all, we put at your fingertips fulfilled illusions and intense emotions, in harmony with the unique characteristics of groups or single travellers, any be your profile or your expectations.

Grupo Summa has a large number of clients of all sizes and operating in different markets and countries. That is why we could not leave without remarks an important part of your business: a good attention to your partners and visitors.

Among our services we can highlight:

  • Trips for individuals or groups in Argentina and Uruguay
  • Activities and excursions with or without a guide on a regular or private basis
  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • We work with Portuguese, English, French, German, and Italian speaking agencies and the coverage provided to passengers is in all languages
  • Organization of transfers (private or group)
  • Vehicles with driver
  • Tickets for shows
As a receptive agency, our goal is to always give the best and closest service.

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